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My cats and I welcome you to Memnon Cattery, a very small smoke-free, DNA tested PKD negative, cage-less Himalayan-Persian cattery located in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is known as the Athens of the South due to the large number of institutions of higher learning and medical centers.

Memnon - The Cattery Name

The name of the cattery was inspired by my love of world history.

Memnon of Rhodes (380-333 BC) was the commander of the Greek mercenaries working for the Persian King Darius II when Alexander the Great of Macedonia invaded Persia in 334 BC and won the Battle of the Granicus River. He was the only one to declare, prior to the battle, that it was impossible for the Persians to defeat the Macedonian army in a set-piece confrontation, and called for a strategy of scorched earth that would deny Alexander both supplies and treasure, both of which they badly needed to feed and pay the army. This advice was rejected by the Persian satraps, and history was the result.

I am out to create a little Persian (Himalayan) history of my own.


Nashville Cat Club

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The Cats

Memnon is a Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA) registered Cattery. To date, We have only shown our cats at CFA events. My foundation cats have been carefully selected from top catteries and my favorite lines. They are wonderful examples conforming to the CFA Persian Breed Standard.

The bloodlines that we are using include: PurrPals, Laureden, Sunval, Sulltans, Sandypaws, Grovewood, Madame Nu, Co-Bridge, Don Scandal, EmisHimi, Ceylon, Careyata, Demiara, Brannaway, and others.

All cats are routinely checked for PKD, as well as, communicable diseases. Vaccinations are kept current according to Davidson County, Tennessee requirements.


We are a small cattery and we will remain so.

The most important thing to us is to enjoy our cats while keeping them happy and healthy. I will always choose the health and safety of the cat over any sale and retain the right to decline or cancel a sale.

It is our desire to produce a few litters of kittens each year with the focus of improving the breed toward the CFA standard. We hope to one day have kittens with their own distinctive look that closely exemplify the Himalayan-Persian standard.

Philosophy and Beliefs

Most readers will understand these values since the following is a restatement or has been implied. Apologies in advance for the bullet points presented in the negative.

Thank You

This list would continue for pages if we listed everyone who has ever provided advise and/or assistance. The following is the “short” list of individuals and catteries that exceeds any expectation:

Pam Keener

Lynn Tune

Hope Gonano

Christee Prout

Emmie Curlett

Sheila Costa

Barbara Marsh

Linda Douglas

Kathy Chandler

Heather Minneman

Lori Sanders

Chasity McCarty

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