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All of our felines are registered with CFA.  

So you want a kitten... What you need to know.

Kittens do not leave for new homes until they are 14 to 16 weeks of age, they need to be with mom and pre-spoiled. All kittens are litter trained and very social.  Kittens will have all age appropriate vaccinations before they leave for their new home.

All pet kittens have no breeding rights.  We prefer that our vet spay or neuter your pet before they leave (sale price will include the spay/neuter fee of $60-90.)  However, if the feline leaves intact only proof of purchase will be provided until the breeder receives documentation from a registered veterinarian on company letterhead or prescription pad noting that the animal  has been spayed or neutered with the date of service the procedure was provided.  The cost negotiated for our loveable balls of personality and fur will include the purchase price plus any applicable shipping cost, kittens will not be shipped before they are 16 to 18 weeks old due to the health and safety risks involved. We always prefer that you personally pick-up your bundle of joy in person.

All adult cats placed will either be spayed or neutered.  A health check within 72 hours by your licensed veterinarian is strongly suggested.  

A minimum $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a kitten of any quality.  All adult felines are placed for spay/neuter fee of $100 to $150, plus applicable shipping for those that are able to be shipped comfortably.  Weather permitting on ALL shipping.

Our cattery and breeding felines have been confirmed to be Negative for FeLV/FIV.  In addition we are a DNA PKD negative tested cattery.

We reserve the right to refuse sale of any of our cats or kittens for ANY reason.

Our perception of the quality of kitten will be used to determine a purchase price. Price is determined using quality according to the CFA breed standard. We utilize the following terms to communicate the quality of kittens with a perspective buyer to help eliminate misunderstandings.

Pet Quality:  Kittens are in perfect health, have great temperaments, and make perfect companions. Pet quality simply means that they do not have all of the characteristics which would qualify them to show in a professional cat show. (i.e. the eyes may be almond shaped rather than round, the break over the nose may be very slight, with a longer bridge. The tail or the body and legs might be a little too long to qualify for the show ring.) Pets are sold with a neuter/spay agreement, which simply means that the new owner agrees not to use the cat for breeding, and agrees to neuter or spay the cat between the ages of 6 to 8 months.

Breeder Quality: Kittens which demonstrate most of the qualities desired to the breed, but which may or may not qualify in the show ring. If the breeder is of sufficient quality to show, it is called a high breeder. In this case, the cat may earn its champion title when professionally presented. The ears may be a little to high on the head, or the body is slightly elongated, but has a good nose and excellent coat.

Show Quality/Top Show Quality: Show quality kittens are distinguished by full expression of the traits of the breed. In particular, for Himalayans and Persians, the breed is characterized by a cobby body (short, giving an impression of roundness.) The tail may reach to the shoulder blade when pulled around the side of the cat. The legs will be short. The eyes are big, round, even and color is deep. The dome of the forehead is rounded and slopes out from the nose, rounding out in front of the ears. The break in the nose is distinct and deep. The nose is short, being placed optimally between the eyes upon adulthood. The jaw is straight. The ears are placed low on the head, and move farther apart as the head grows. Show quality kittens are priced depending on the age, closeness to the standard, pedigree, and whether the breeder has shown them. There are three words that describe a show quality Himalayan/Persian, round, round, and round.

We cannot and DO NOT guarantee that any animal will or will not obtain a Grand Champion/Regional Winner/National Winner/Cat or Kitten-of-the-Year title.

Again, we will honestly and completely discuss the kitten/cat of interest with you and offer our sincere opinion, however we will not be pretentious enough to speculate on how each judge will view a feline in the ring.

Please note terms of deposits.  Any balance owed at time of the pick up of your little bundle must be paid in cash.  All monies paid prior to pick up are considered deposit even if it is payment in full.  We DO NOT accept personal checks unless it is provided and available for deposit a minimum of two weeks prior to picking up your new baby.

If you are having your kitty shipped, the additional costs are approximately $300.00 and up depending on airlines, destination and weight. Outside the USA may be more. Included in the cost of shipping is: Airfare, approved airline pet carrier, bedding for travel, age appropriate shots and health certificate. So when you write us, tell us which airport (international) is nearest your home. If shipping outside the USA: There may be an Agriculture Fee plus Consulate Fees (If applicable) Airfare varies depending on the destination.

What comes with you bundle:

  1. Pedigree.
  2. Registration paper once pet kitty has been spayed or neutered.
  3. Medical Records-shots included are equivalent to age of the kitten.
  4. DNA PKD negative health guarantee.
  5. FeLV guarantee for your kitten for 48 hours. You must have your kitty tested at your first vet check up.
  6. Contract outlining agreements and guarantee.
  7. Well groomed kitten, used to baths and blow-dry.
  8. Well socialized and healthy kitten.
  9. Phone and/or Internet support for the life of your kitten.

We also love to see pictures of our babies as they grow and throughout their lives.